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written by some author As an engineer one uses a myriad of services and tools on daily basis, but once in a while one needs to revisit: Is the tool that is being utilized still the best and supports the workflow and speed I need? Often, the answer is a "somewhat" or a "partially" and sometimes even a no. In the last months (or years) a lot rust-rewrites surfaced the light of day and all of those give a massive performance as well as a significant security edge compared to their C or C++ or ruby or perl or python counterparts (most tools are written one of these). Investing and maintaining a set of _sharp_ tools is part of any trait. So be a professional and take care of your tools. In that spirit [cargo-spellcheck](https://github.com/drahnr/cargo-spellcheck), [https://github.com/drahnr/hongg-rs](hongg-rs), [cachepot](https://github.com/paritytech/cachepot) were created or forked and improved upon, and other people did similar by either rewriting tools like grep (ripgrep), find(fd), sed (sd). ls (lsd), ld (mold) and many others I use on a daily basis. The tools might seem basic, but require a massive engineering effort and devotion to do in ones spare time. A big thank you to those who do. Thank you for removing a million papercuts a day. On my agenda: Make gnome-calendar work smoothly with ical and gapps, such that I can retire thunderbird for that purpose. Created 2021-09-11 22:33:40.734413 under article/papercuts


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